Art deco chandelier, amber slipshades, circa 1920

"Over the years I've restored four vintage homes and Ruiz Antique Lighting provided repairs and renovation for all the period lighting. Their quality and customer service are top notch. Great people, amazing work! "
~ Bernadette Finch,
Lafayette, CA

Plus... antique lamp restoration and repairJeanne Ruiz restoring an antique lamp

Our expert lamp repair and custom restoration can revive your treasured heirloom or garage sale find.
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Expertly restored Vintage Antique Lighting... jewels for your home

Ready to light up your life... genuine antique lights expertly restored. Perfect for your revival home, period lighting adds style to any room. Re-wired, repaired and ready to enjoy.

Antique Chandelier Lighting »
Antique Chandelier lighting

Authentic Art Deco with slip shades to vintage tea cup chandelier fixtures.

Antique Ceiling Light Fixtures »
Antique Ceiling Light Fixtures

Close to the ceiling, single socket and double fixtures.

Antique Hanging Lamps »
Antique Hanging Lamps

Suspended pendant lights of glass and brass, Victorian to vintage

Antique Table Lamps »
Antique Table Lamps

Matching pairs and single table lamps

Antique Floor Lamps »
Antique Floor Lamps

Beautifully restored period styles --Victorian to Vintage.

Antique Sconces & Wall Lights »
Antique Sconces & Wall Lights

Indoor & outdoor milkglass to Mission-style